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The Paula Squad - The Unofficial Paula Harrison Fansite

Click a link and get a pic

Paula as Scully?

Rubber gloves, eh?

She can frisk me any day

Lovely & Deadly

Wow. Can you lift that skirt just a little more?

A peek at Paula's poodle

Such an pretty smile. You warm our hearts, Paula!

Goddess in a black dress

Our goddess topless (!)

A blur of nearly naked beauty

A girl-on-girl kiss. And every man is jealous. Not to mention turned-on.

Topless again. These other chicks are SO damn lucky...

Law Enforcement never looked so good

If anyone finds more Paula pics, or has access to Man Show video captures, please email 'em to the Paula Squad at And if Paula herself wishes to send us some private Polaroids from her personal collection, we'd be honored :)