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The Paula Squad - The Unofficial Paula Harrison Fansite

Yes, Redheads rule...

...and Juggy Dance Squad member, Skintight Dancer, & drop-dead gorgeous vixen Paula Harrison rules above them all. This lovely vision of womanhood is the single best reason to tune into Comedy Central every Sunday night, in the hopes of catching a glimpse (or two, or three...) of her in a sexy new Juggy costume. Remember when she dressed up in that cute green cheerleader uniform? Or when she swung on the swing in her frilly pink underwear? Or when she sported that tiny green bikini playing Twister? Or when...oh, sorry. I guess we were daydreaming...

The Paula Squad is Miss Harrison's first Unofficial Online Fanclub, and this site is just a humble shrine where we worship at the feet of our scarlet-tressed goddess. On this site, Paula-watchers will find a small but hopefully growing photo gallery (warning - gazing endlessly at Paula's heavenly body will probably upset your wife or girlfriend. But what the hell, it's worth it), a short bio to find out what makes her tick (get to know the lady beyond the firm perfect chest, long toned legs, full luscious lips, sweet angelic face, luxurious silky hair, soft smooth skin...damn, we're daydreaming AGAIN), and links to other pages graced by Paula's presence, as well as other Juggy sites (though Paula will always be #1 in our eyes).

I'm a Scully fan, but Gillian never looked THIS good!

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All content of this website is the property of their respective owners. The Paula Squad is a 100% UNofficial operation, and we're not actually affiliated with Paula Harrison in any way. We exist for the sole purpose of promoting, glorifying, and drooling over this incredible woman as her devoted fans. The Paula Squad makes no profit from this - we do it strictly for the love. Right on!