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The Paula Squad - The Unofficial Paula Harrison Fansite

Learn more about our favorite Juggy

Birthplace: Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia (yes, our Paula is a juicy little Georgia peach)

Pets: A cat named Nestle (the Paula Squad loves kitties)

Turn ons: Eyes (and hopefully unofficial website designers, too)

Turn offs: People who are boring, not intriguing, and not funny (luckily, no one in the Paula Squad fits that description)

Most surprising thing about her: She's shy (We think shy girls, especially when they look as hot as Paula, are very, very sexy)

Favorite Phrase: "Right on"

If she won a million dollars: She'd travel and donate some to charities for animals and starving people (great legs AND a big heart!)

Background: Dance training in ballet, jazz, modern, pointe, hip hop, and salsa.

Pro Resume: Worked with Michael Jackson, Brian Seltzer, Courtney Love, Kid Rock, and Marilyn Manson (a private performance for the Paula Squad is next on her agenda. Hey, we can dream.)

Paula making herself pretty (though she's always flawless to us)

If anyone has any additional info on Paula (her height, date of birth, favorite food, sexy birthmarks, or whatever) please send it to the Paula Squad at