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The Paula Squad - The Unofficial Paula Harrison Fansite
About Us

An explanation for our devotion

Why do we adore Juggy Paula? Just take a look at that pic! That smile! Those legs! That...well, you get the idea.

Paula is physically gorgeous, no doubt about it. And she's definitely a talented performer. But our adoration for her goes deeper. She seems like such a sweet gal, and reminds us of the classic girl-next-door type (though our neighborhood never looked that good!). The entertainment industry is filled with pretty girls, but Paula truly stands out to us as something special. We're proud to be Paula's first online fansite, and we're just trying to pay tribute to this amazingly fine woman, because she deserves every bit of it. And we love to see her smile! :)

So thank you, Paula, for doing what you do, and for gracing the world with your beauty and talent. Always know that we here at the Paula Squad will support you in all your endeavors, and that you'll always have a cheering section wishing you the best. Right on!

Brian Stewart
Creator of the Paula Squad

Is it any wonder why we love her?

Though the Paula Squad will no doubt eventually have millions and millions of die-hard fans worldwide, everything here is done by one guy with too much free time on his hands (Though he's also exciting, intriguing, and has great eyes. Really, he does).